CharityNewCEO and Founder, Charity McGill is an entrepreneur and a convenience store owner who helped design, manage, deliver and implement a global software product for a start-up company founded in 2001. The product was purchased by a Fortune 500 company and Charity discovered she had a passion for building teams and creating software that improves operational efficiency.

Simultaneous to her software development work for the last five years, Charity, her husband Curtis and her four children have also been busy managing and growing their local convenience and automotive store. Charity has played owner, operator, accountant and manager roles for this small enterprise, exposing her first-hand to some of the pain points experienced by convenience store owners. It only seemed natural for both worlds to collide.

She has worked with more than 40 businesses to improve sales and build operational efficiency in dozens of highly complex distribution channels across international teams. But her most important role has always been played meeting the needs of others.