Charity McGill

Founder and CEO, Charity McGill, is a mother of four amazing children and the wife and c-store business partner of a very understanding husband, Curtis. Additionally, she can be found enjoying her role as a children’s ministry leader in her hometown church. When she’s not counting inventory, heads in her minivan, pennies in her sofa cushions and favors she owes to friends… she’s learning. Charity is an eclectic learner of just about anything that allows her to tinker. However, if Charity is learning, those closest to her can teach you how to duck and cover when the words, “I’ve been thinking” come out of her mouth.

Jim Roller

Founder and COO, Jim Roller, loves hanging out with his wife, Renee, and their amazing kids and family, especially the times they spend around the kitchen table at meals and playing games. He is also an avid, life long Kansas City Royals fan (#4EverRoyal) and can be found most days wearing a KC baseball hat and t-shirt. Jim has extensive international experience in training, sales support, strategic planning, and project implementation and a passion for developing servant leaders. That said, he claims his biggest challenge to date is coaching his youngest son’s first grade basketball team.

Joel Patton

Founder and CTO, Joel Patton currently resides in Springfield, Missouri with his wife, Laura, and their two children.  Joel is a highly motivated, experienced problem solver with a passion for developing ‘software that simplifies’. 

Joel graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.  Upon graduation, Joel began working as an IT Consultant with a St. Louis based firm dedicated to serving small businesses in the greater St. Louis area.  As a quick study and hard worker, he was soon promoted to the role of Senior Consultant.  In this role, Joel acted as a trusted advisor for customers, providing services including server management, network management, helpdesk/pc support, custom application development, website development, and strategic infrastructure planning.  After several years of consulting, Joel took advantage of an opportunity to pursue his true technology passion in software development and began a career with a key company in the insurance software industry.  Again, he saw quick growth within the company, moving from a role as a developer to a technical lead to a team lead and finally to a solution architect role, being mentored by the CTO in less than two years.  Joel continued to work in similar roles within the insurance software industry, most notably for  an extremely successful Silicon-Valley start-up, until deciding to become a founding member of Deep Water Software.

When Joel is not following his technology passion, he enjoys serving as a youth worker alongside his wife at their church, participating in various team sport activities, and raising their two beautiful children.

Robin Sechler

Chief Customer Officer, Robin Sechler lives by the mantra from an unknown author, “Be kinder than necessary. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.” She and her husband Randy were privileged to raise their now-grown son and daughter on a dairy farm started by Randy’s grandparents in southwest Missouri.  They appreciate the rural setting and values that compel Robin to always return the shopping cart to the corral! She’s also given back through service on the school board, church parish council, hospital board of directors, and  Enactus business advisory board of a local university.  Robin is an energetic and empathetic ambassador, with a life-long passion for good customer service. She believes the customer’s experience must be viewed holistically and should drive every decision made throughout the Deep Water organization. She loves her teammates as much as her customers, and her proudest moments are when the Engineers tout the “WWCD” (What would the customer do?) viewpoint.


Nathan Dace

Nathan Dace, Senior Developer, resides in Bolivar, Missouri, with his wife Kallie, and their three children.  Prior to joining Deep Water Software, Nathan was a software architect for a leading insurance software company, working extensively on launching enterprise software solutions to cloud computing platforms.


Nathan has a passion for problem solving and building software to help individuals and organizations succeed.  When not working on software, Nathan enjoys teaching Sunday school at his local church, following the St. Louis Cardinals, and spending time with his family.